Schedule LTS

LTS Spring 2018 Swim Schedule

(updated 05/09/2018)

We are moving to a new swimming pool and we are working hard to update our website. For any additional questions related to LearnToSwim program please contact

For the 2017-18 MARLINS LTS season please find the updated calendar files:


Here are few important reminders to make sure you are ready!

  • The pool is located at the NATO Staff Centre: Avenue D. Bourget, 1130, Brussels.
  • For families that DO NOT have a NATO Staff Centre Pass: please follow the instructions on NATO Marlins website under “Swim with us”. You MUST request access from the NATO Staff Centre Reception by filling out this form. NATO Staff Centre telephone number is 02/707-4604. Please call them for any further clarification. 
  • Please remember to pay for your child to enter the pool.  We recommend that you buy a 20 Admission punch card.
  • Please ensure that your child has a swimming cap.  Goggles are also recommended.  Every swimmer must shower before they enter the pool.
  • As a courtesy to your instructor, please arrive on time and be ready to jump in the water at the top of the hour.
  • Instructors may be moving children between levels in the first few weeks, based on an evaluation of swimming skills in the first couple of lessons.  They will alert you to any changes and the reasons why.
  • We request that parents stay on the pool deck for the duration of the lesson.  This is especially important for Level 1 and 2 as children may need the extra reassurance of a parent or care-giver.
  • If you choose to swim while your child does PLEASE pay for your entry to the pool.