About LTS

The American Red Cross (ARC) Learn-To-Swim (LTS) Program features different levels of instruction to develop the skills of swimmers of all ages & abilities.

The ARC programs teach swimmers the skills they need to understand both water safety and swimming skills in 6 different levels.  Each level has a set of criteria which the participant must pass.  Below the stroke performance criteria, you will find the progress levels at which the participant is judged against before they are allowed to progress to the next level.  There may be a requirement for a swimmer to repeat levels in order that they pass all the skills required (for more details see also The Levels).

This ARC LTS Program is authorized by the ARC in Spangdalem, Germany.

An ARC LTS course is usually provided within three months, a socalled Swim Season; WINTER (September to December), SPRING (January to March) and AUTUMN (April to June). Each course is composed of 9 swim lessons, where usually one lesson is provided per week (see also The Schedule). In general, ARC LTS lessons have a duration of 55 minutes. LTS PCAA/AB lessons have a duration of 30 minutes due to the limited physical strength of the swimmers.

Please note:
All children under the age of 19 who participate in the ARC LTS Program are also encouraged to participate in the competitions of the European Forces Swim League (EFSL). For more information about the EFSL have a look into the Competition Swim Training Program.