Update on 16 September 2015
NATO Marlins Swim Club Membership

NMS BANK ACCOUNT # : ING 310-1101530-84


IBAN: BE03 3101 1015 3084

When creating the bank transfer, please put in the bank communication field 

a full name (first and last) of the swimmer(s), and

for Learn-to-Swim a day and level they swim (if known)


Level Swim Season


Membership Fees
1st family
2nd family

3rd family

LTS P/C & Level 1 

Swim season

(Sep-Feb / Feb-Jun)
13÷15 sessions each

1 x 30
Level 2 -6 
1 x 45
2 x 45
Swim Season
min. 3 trainings/week
Post- competitive
Swim Season
Private Lessons
to be confirmed

* price may be subject to change at the beginning of a season

Payment of LTS membership fees MUST be made before attending a second session of the program or the participant will be barred from continuing his/her participation until fees are in order.

The first child rate is charged against the most expensive child, the second child is the next most expensive and the third child is the least expensive.

New CST swimmers are offered a two week trial period and then sessions fees must be paid. At the beginning of the competitive season payment of CST membership fees MUST be made before attending the first competition or will be barred from continuing his/her participation until fees are in order.

New members to the club, who wish to commence their first season late, will pay 60% of the total cost - only if more than half of that season has already passed. To attend CHAMPS they must meet the requirements of the EFSL and pay the full amount for the Splash fees.

Fees may not be transferred from one season to the following.  Fees are not refundable unless the participant provides a medical certificate or the NATO Marlins Swim Club cancels the program.

CST Families are required to provide 40 hours of volunteer time during the Aug-Feb season to help run swim meets.

CST AA, A, B & C swimmers are required to have fins, pull buoy, paddles and kick board for practices. These may be rented from the club for a maximum of €60 depending on which equipment is rented, with up to €50 to be returned when equipment returned in good order.

NATO HQ Staff Center Membership

All LTS and CST swimmers must hold a current membership for the NATO HQ Staff Center for the period of training. Membership fees are available at the Reception desk of the Staff Centre.
NATO HQ Staff Center Swimming Pool Admission

In order to keep the fees paid to the NATO Marlins Swim Club as low as possible, pool space is not rented. Therefore each participant MUST pay his/her own admission fee to the NATO HQ Staff Centre pool in addition the the above Staff Centre fee.

 Please contact the Reception desk of the Staff Centre for the exact Pool Admission Fees (tel. 02 707 4604; nsc_info@natostaffcentre.be).

Members of the CST MUST buy an annual pass, as their training sessions are outside pool opening hours.