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Since 1992, children from the NATO Swim Club (NCS) have been swimming as part of the SHAPE Seals International Swim Team. In the 2004-2005 swim season, the NSC had 28 swimmers registered with the SHAPE Seals, of these, 14 had swimming skills which were good enough to take them to the European Forces Swim League (EFSL) Championships in Munich that year. In 2005 parents and swimmers alike decided there was enough participation to make an own team, the NATO Marlins International Swim Team !!

The Competition Swim Training (CST) is provided in two swim seasons, the CST Preparative Swim Season, conducted from March to August, where the focus during the training sessions is on improvement of swim techniques, physical fitness and endurance, and the CST Competitive Swim Season, conducted from September to February of the following year, where the swimmers under guidance of our experienced coaches specifically prepare themselves for the various competitive swim meets, which are usually held on the weekends (see also the schedule for the training sessions and the EFSL swim meet events).
During each CST season, training sessions are held three times a week for CST Levels AA through C and two times a week for CST Level D (for more details see The Levels).To become member of the NATO Marlins International Swim Team and to compete in the EFSL, you/your child needs only have to have the desire to swim and the ability to swim 50 meters (2 lengths of the NATO pool) in one or more of the competitive strokes (Freestyle, Breaststroke, Backstroke and/or Butterfly). If you/your child come/s to the pool to practise regularly, we will do the rest!


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